Custom Home Builders

Custom Home Builders in Toronto

Home is where the heart is, and the heart is where desire is. The idea of a luxurious home belongs to one’s perspective of a comfortable home. It is what makes the marvel of mankind existence by creating monumental places by making this world wonderful. It surely is a question to ask as to how one will execute this creative idea and pitch into material reality.

The help of professional custom home builders in Toronto and GTA along with other regions like Oakville shall be required. Luxury Home Builders in Canada must be sought on their credibility, professionalism, and excellence. It is with great integrity that Diligent Construction company has been the custodian of such assets. The outcomes of its work uphold its integrity. Diligent Construction is capable of striking excellence and guaranteeing an impressive building and houses.

Toronto Custom Home Design

The main aspect of building a deluxe home, apartment or residential building is to carefully design and evaluate its structural design and architectural components. The sanctity of a home depends on its display of magnificence. Architectural design and structural integrity are the pillars of outstanding homes. From start to end and top to bottom the quality of materials used and the layout of your customized home will be grand and unparallel in comparison.

The design mostly depends on the idea you are inspired by, i.e., you might want to choose an ultra-modern style or even a traditional one. Whatever your choices are, it will be our objective. This exception task can be achieved by none other than our skilled workers who have mastered the art of excellence in architectural design. Diligent Construction is a highly respected Custom Home Builder in Toronto.

We love to make you feel more comfort on your home.

Luxury Home Builders

The intricate details of your concept idea and excellent surface finish with a light glimmering and filling the atmosphere with comfort is what makes a home luxurious. The aim for building a house that strikes you as luxurious lies in the fact that it must reflect your personality. The comfort of one’s self is what makes it cozy and puts one at ease.

Toronto Custom Home Builders are aiming towards adding luxury into their custom houses with the rise in its demands from the clients. Starting from the material used like vinyl or wood flooring or the décor layout and the ambiance. All of these are different important aspects of luxury. In Toronto, especially for GTA the trend nowadays is the campaign for going green. Custom Home Builders in Toronto like Diligent Construction can make environment-friendly custom homes of your choice.

Home Building Process

The process that makes unique, exceptional, and luxurious dreams into a reality is what we strive for when talking with a custom home building client. The entire process includes both pre and post-construction phases, and can typically exceed a year and a half in duration. This time frame depends on the type of customization and materials used. The phases are described as follows.

1- Pre-Construction Phase

2- Construction Phase

3- Post-Construction Phase

Custom Home Building Cost in Toronto

In Canada especially for custom home builders in Toronto, the prices vary in their assurance of quality. Custom home builders in GTA have a slightly higher rate than custom home builders in Oakville and other parts of Toronto. Oakville lives in the lap of luxury, but still, the prices can be considerable. It also depends on the type of custom house you are planning to build. On average custom home builders in Toronto charges up to $100-$150 per square foot. These prices can raise as high as $400 per square foot. The per square foot doesn’t include the land costs which consist of architectural design fees, building permits, other construction fees, etc. there are hard costs which are fixed and soft costs which are flexible and added to original costs. All of this marks up a total of your custom house building. The best Custom home Builders in Toronto will make it possible to complete the project within your budget with excellence. At Diligent Construction, we can ensure an exceptional outcome according to its clients’ desire.