Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration in Toronto

Fire is a good servant but is an evil master. The devastating shock of fire that can cause to your property is unimaginable. It surely takes its toll on its owners and leaves nothing. Fortunately, there is a solution; through a series of the extensive process, your house could be remodeled back to its original shape without making it feel different. The help of professionals is required for it to happen. The damage caused by fire can cause many problems and will require experienced people to carry out the cleaning process first. In addition to fire and smoke, water damage also occurs since the property is flooded with it to stop the fire from spreading initially.

Our certified Diligent Construction’s fire and smoke restoration professionals have the right training and equipment to get your property back to the original condition.

Fire Restoration Services

The Diligent Construction company has expertise in such situations and possess a variety of methods to clean and restore property with our skilled professionals. For fire damages restoration in Toronto, our service is available 24/7 around the clock. We realize that even after the fire is contained, the delay in restoration can cause many more problems like corrosion control. Therefore, it is important to contact a fire restoration company for fire damage restoration, notably of which Diligent Construction is a wise choice.

Here are some of the Fire Damage Restoration Services we provide:

  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Smoke Odour Removal & Professional Deodorization
  • Emergency Cleaning & Sanitation
  • Pack-Outs and Contents Cleaning
  • Temporary Protection/Board-Up
  • Carpet and Pad Removal
  • Puff-Back Cleaning
  • Reconstruction

Smoke & Odor Removal

Smoke damage to your property is characterized by a strong smell, corrosion, and discoloration. This is left for a longer period will cause a yellowish color to appear on the surface. Fiberglass and other materials burn quicker than others. Smoke damages cannot only affect your home, but it affects your health too. It contains a lot of toxins and other harmful elements. Furthermore, it can severely damage the structural integrity of your home. This altogether is the first and foremost concern to clean your property of these problems by fire damages restoration in Toronto.

We love to make you feel more comfort on your home.

Soot Cleanup & Mold Removal

Soot or black ash is the toxic substance left after even a minimal fire. It is dangerous and should immediately be cleaned up to limit its effect on your property. A small kitchen fire which does not require any fire restoration can cause soot to be left over. Therefore, we at Diligent Construction can quickly access the damage and clean it up before its scope gets any bigger.

We also provide mould removal cleanup services that can allow us to test, clean and remediate your property. Our team of experts will test for any toxic leakage or chemical elements that can cause harm. Furthermore, indoor air quality testing is also performed for better results. It is Fire damages restorations in Toronto to consider mould removal and cleanup for its various effects on the property.

24/7 Emergency Fire Services

Diligent Construction comes across so many properties where contractors cut corners and decorate over the soot and smoke damage without decontaminating and deodorizing the property first causing staining to work its way back through and odors to not be removed.

We will hire a restoration surveyor to advise you on what is required and provide you with an estimate for the work. Diligent Construction works hard to make dealing with fire damage as easy as possible for you; we pride ourselves in our quick 24/7 response time and excellent customer service. Our team is experienced with fire damage restoration, structural repair, odor elimination, and smoke/soot clean up.

We love to make you feel more comfort on your home.