Fire Restoration in Toronto 1

Fire Restoration in Toronto

The Process of our Service:

It always poses as a question, how we do it? The answer is not simple since the work is complex, but we sure can explain the steps which we go through during our fire restoration damages in Toronto. Following are some of the basic steps for a ‘typical’ fire damage response.

  1. Contacting in Emergency:

At Diligent Construction, we offer a 24/7 around the clock service and will be available at your disposal at any time you need us. However, when you contact for fire damages restoration in Toronto to our company, our customer representative will ask a series of short questions to get the details about your fire damage situation. This will help us deploy the required equipment and assistance needed at the site.

  1. Inspection and Assessment on Site:

The primary step is to inspect the whole property and analyze the damage the fire has done. Clear assessment is necessary for future decisions. It is the visible detection of defects and faults that will determine further developments in the process of restoration.

  1. Board up and roof tarp service:

The fire can damage nearby windows, doors and any other entrances which will develop soot and smoke. It also weakens the structural entirely which will need assistance hence board up, and roof tarp is the service we use at that moment.

  1. Cleaning and removal of water:

After the fire is contained by a sprinkling of water, the area surely is flooded with water until the fire is extinguished. Hence there is a dire need of removal of excess water and drying up the property for the restoration work to take place. After that dehumidifiers and air movers are used to remove the remaining water vapors still trapped inside.


  1. Smoke and Soot Removal:

As soon as the essential requirements of inspection and assessment are done, and the place is all dried up. Its time for removal of soot and of course the intoxicants present in the air due to smoke. Black ash or soot is a substance that damages the property. Fire restoration damages in Toronto must involve the immediate removal of soot and must be all cleaned up.


  1. Cleaning and sanitizing of property:

It’s evident that not necessarily everything is destroyed, there surely are items which can be cleaned and sanitized. Therefore, the next step is to cater to items which can be restored after careful sanitation. We at Diligent Construction are equipped with specialized equipment which helps us restore your items to a fine condition. It also removes the false odor from it. Special scrubbing instruments are used for this process.


  1. Restoration of property:

The last step surely is the complete action on the plan for fire damages restoration in Toronto. It is re-establishing the whole property to its pre-fire condition. Restoration may include small repairing of windows to the significant reconstruction of your property. Fire restoration in Toronto is a viable option if your choice is Diligent Construction which has an excellent record of fire damages restoration in Toronto.